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You have the option to pick-up your orders at The White Peony Shed or White Peony Store in St. Joseph.

You will get a fulfillment email once your order has been fulfilled.

For SHED pick up orders, that also will mean it is ready to pick up.

For St. Joseph STORE orders, please allow 48 hours after the fulfillment email is received before picking up your order. This will allow transportation from our warehouse to the Store.

    • Pick-Up Days & Times @ each location:
    White Peony Shed: Thursdays & Fridays 9am-7pm; Saturdays 9am-2pm White Peony Store St. Joseph: Tuesday- Friday 9am-7pm; Saturday 9am-4pm; Sunday 11am-4pm.
    Once a pick-up location is selected you will not be able to change it! This is to minimize lost packages and confusion.

    Please double check all pick-up bags before leaving to assure you have all of your items. If there are multiple orders we do our best to combine bags, but sometimes due to the volume of orders, you may have multiple bags to pick up!