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Welcome to White Peony Boutique – we're so glad you're here!
With the intention of fueling our creativity and fulfilling our love for fashion and all things home decor, White Peony Boutique went from being a dream to a reality.
Early on, when daydreaming of what our boutique could be, we realized that White Peony was meant for a greater purpose than just being a boutique.
Yes, this is a place to come for shopping, browsing, and fueling your creativity and personal style – but it’s more than that. It’s not your average fashion boutique and never will be. 
At White Peony, we are not just about building a business – we are working to build a movement. 
We want you to come to White Peony for beautiful clothing, accessories and even home decor. We want you to stay for the friendship, community and connection. We, at White Peony Boutique want you to be apart of the movement. It is our mission to care deeper, and genuinely connect. 
We admire each and every busy, hardworking, list making, multitasking individual out there. And here we are at White Peony, a place to come to where you can sit back, relax and take a breath. We're here for you!
At White Peony, we want to inspire, motivate and empower busy, hardworking and oh so deserving individuals to slow down. Forget about the world for a little while. And most importantly, make you a priority. We're here to allow your creativity to flow and your inner beauty shine.
White Peony believes in building a stronger community.  We have rallied for beautiful causes and gathered donations to give back to schools and deserving organizations in Central Minnesota. 
Customers are also encouraged to give back, which is where  #OperationWhitePeony was created. 
Join us at White Peony Boutique and see the difference that positivity, kindness and a simple gesture can make.