With the intention of fueling our creativity and fulfilling our love for fashion and all things home decor, White Peony Boutique went from being a dream to a reality. At White Peony, we want to inspire, motivate and empower busy, hardworking and oh so deserving individuals to slow down. Forget about the world for a little while. And most importantly, make you a priority. We're here to allow your creativity to flow and your inner beauty shine. White Peony Boutique specializes in fashion apparel, accessories, and home decor for the busy and hardworking woman. We believe it’s essential for all women to take the time to slow down and forget about the stresses of the world for a little while. White Peony takes pride in the fact that we are more than just a boutique – White Peony is a place for people to gather, connect, and recharge. Make yourself a priority and let your inner beauty shine at White Peony Boutique.


Owner | Workaholic dreamer

Welcome everyone! I am the Owner/ Founder of White Peony Boutique! I am a mom of two beautiful girls, a wife to an incredibly hardworking husband, a sister, friend and dreamer extraordinaire.
As having entrepreneur traits as a very young little girl, it wasn't until becoming a mom, going through life lessons and working against insecurities that I finally built the courage to believe that I was meant for more.
I have put my heart and soul into this journey, this boutique.
I am determined to make sure this is more than just your average boutique... to bring beautiful, kind people together. To connect, to feel beautiful and to BELIEVE in yourself. Lindsay was also the winner of St. Cloud Times 5 Under 40 in 2021!

Momma Jayne

Retail Coordinator | Creative guru!

I am Momma Jayne! The "founders founder" ha! The voice behind the scenes and creative go-to.
I am a wife to my hilarious husband of 36 years, mom of Lindsay and her younger brother Alex, and a grandmother to 2 beautiful granddaughters and 2 grandpuppies.
When I am not helping at the Shed, I LOVE golfing spring through fall, baking my infamous and favorite monster cookies and creating! Being creative fuels my soul. I love making custom wooden signs, sewing... well, give me a challenge and I will figure it out!
I have been alongside the White Peony journey with my daughter from the very moment she sparked the idea and have encouraged her every step of the way! If you know my daughter and I, it is safe to say... we don't like to be told "no" or you "can't" ( ha! challenge accepted).
To fuel my love for creativity and making connections with our wonderful customers, you will find me behind the scenes, overseeing everything customer facing and the retail. I work on everything from our merchandising to enhancing our customer service.
We are here to make a difference. We definitely are not your average boutique and I am here to help make that reality! 


Website & Influencer specialist | Thoughtful + Caring

Hey everyone, it’s Emily! I’m just a small town girl trying to live my life to the fullest. Always working on bettering myself and following God’s plan for my life. You can find me either sipping on a cup of coffee or a sizable glass of wine. I love spending my free time with my husband Eric, my son Colt and dog Dakota!
I have been a White Peony enthusiast since the very beginning stages. Always extremely inspired by the visions for White Peony, I knew I was called to be a part of making it something bigger than just a boutique. Being a part of this tribe has helped shape me into who I am today and I’m forever grateful for the lessons I have learned and relationships I have made.


Social Media Specialist | Energy + passionate

Hey guys! I am Autumn! Mom of two beautiful kids, two dogs and wife to my forever husband of 8 years! ..we have actually been together longer than not! I am a health junkie and I pour my heart into helping others in their fitness journey! I love home renovations and turning houses into a part of the family! 


Team Associate | Always Positive

Hi everyone, I am Amy! I’m a mom of 3 amazing kiddos and (fur baby). I love to try new recipes and enjoy getting together with friends and family for a game night. Some of my favorite things are summer concerts, spending time at the lake floating on the pontoon, reading a good book and pizza



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