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Body Positivity Movement

Body Positivity Movement

As a woman in this day and age, body positivity and learning to love the skin we are in is easier said than done. 

The stories of our bodies are deep, woven between the ups and downs of life. We are constantly seeing pictures, videos and content to remind us of the “imperfections”. But I am here to say that’s the celebration of it all. All of our bodies are unique, one of a kind and something that tells a story. Stories of struggle, triumph, sadness and joy. Our body’s are beautiful today, tomorrow and yesterday. One of my absolute favorite parts about working at White Peony, is when a woman comes in and you can see the defeat in their eyes; we pull the beautiful pieces that don’t hide the “imperfections” but highlight the beauty, inside and out. When that woman walks out with her head held high and her smile matching the joy she feels within, that’s when you know that the clothes are only part of the story. It’s about the entire interaction from walking into the store, finding the items that highlight that unique, one of a kind woman and leaving creating not only a wardrobe but a movement. The movement of self love, the movement of feeling good in her own skin and passing that self love to others, maybe her daughter, maybe her friend. But the movement set in motion can change the world, when we stop pointing out all the things we don’t like about ourselves but embracing the story and beauty that it is. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin. That is what is so special about White Peony Boutique, it is TRULY more than just a boutique.

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