White Peony Style Box


The White Peony Box is an exclusive monthly box styled just for YOU. These boxes are curated with intentionality, thought, and purpose- while keeping you, our incredible White Peony Community top of mind! Each styled box is made up of 3-6 items which can range from clothing, the latest self care trends, lifestyle products, accessories and inspiring content. A GREAT DEAL of thought goes into finding our very favorites to share with you!

Ultimately, something to look forward to every month that is EXCLUSIVE to the style box- that's right, all items are exclusive to the White Peony Style Box ONLY! You will not find any of these items in store, on our website, or mobile app. AND to show how much we love you, the goodies in each box are priced at the very best value, with each box being valued at $100-125+

You can choose a one month, three month or six month subscription option in your desired size. Your card will immediately be charged for the initial month - if you select a three month or six month subscription the funds will be withdrawn from your bank account on the 1st of the month for the months your subscription is active.

We hope you never want to cancel but understand life happens and sometimes we need to adjust our budgets - if you wish to cancel your subscription a 30 day notice sent to info@whitepeonyboutique.com is required. Any notices received outside of a 30 day window cannot be canceled and we will cancel during the next monthly billing cycle. 

White Peony Subscription boxes are sent out no later than the 10th of the month. 

To keep our White Peony Style Boxes at the best possible value for you, we do not accept any returns on these exclusive items. While we feel confident you will love your items, sometimes they may not always work for you. We see this as a great opportunity to practice the White Peony Mission and gift the item to someone special in your life!  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our no return policy. 


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